So I’ve had this site “Active” for a couple of days now and have been debating how to get it started. So instead of letting it sit any longer (like the woman who has the blog title I reeeeally want and hasn’t posted – like not even once -  since 2010 – I guess I owe her a thank you for being one of my sources of motivation. Thank You!) I’ve decided to start by telling you about my morning. (I mean – when I think about it – no pressure – I only have one follower – thanks Sarah! )

  I currently live in Sudbury ON, CAN with my wife (Lily – 30 years) and my puppy (Raisin – 9  months).  This is me over the weekend:
Today Lily woke me up at 7:22 am as she was about to leave for work. I was so tired. I can never sleep in. Here’s why:
I get up right before Lily physically leaves the house, and then start my morning. Coffee check, Kong (I wonder if I need to insert a plug here) stuffed with kibble and peanut butter: check, Monkey: check; Rocky: check; Rope Bone: check AND of course Raisin-the-Rottie: check. Here he is:
I dial myself on FaceTime, get Raisin in his crate with all the list items above and leave the house. I stand outside my door with my phone watching and listening to my dog via FaceTime (in full PJ’s with my coffee). Two minutes pass, he loses interest in the Kong and starts looking stressed, he lets out a weak whine while I enter the house. Back to the crate I go – praise him for being quiet and let him out. He is absolutely ecstatic to see me. Longest 2 minutes of his life. I ignore him. I wait about 15 minutes and repeat the entire process. And voila – that gives you a run-down of how I spend my time while at home with my dog. 

You see – Raisin suffers from separation anxiety and therefore, he has become my entire life. It’s taken about half a month to get this far with him. Prior to that he would “freak out” as soon as he realized someone was about to leave. It’s heart breaking really, hearing him so stressed out every time we leave him alone. And since we moved in with my mother (that story is for another day) – the neighbours hear him too! I have had him since he was 8 weeks old – apparently it’s not my fault. Hmmf. It feels so freeing to be able to step outside for 2 minutes for an escape. He used to not be able to handle me being out of his sight!

For those of you not familiar with separation anxiety or crate training, if you have a chance to google it, go for it. But Sarah, I know you are so I’ll keep going. The current plan is to never leave him alone. Apparently it’s the only way to desensitize him effectively once and for all. So I have committed to one month of never leaving him alone and constantly desensitizing him throughout my day. (That is right – I cannot leave my house without him and since he has the same reaction from my car – even if he can see me – I can never leave my house). The idea is to praise him while he is in his crate and quiet BEFORE he has a chance to lose it. He hasn’t yet, fingers crossed. This has been a very structured process starting with 30 seconds in the crate with me stepping outside of the room, 6-20 times a day! I’ve been documenting his process. 
 So I will keep you the loop of our many successes. Today is day 20. I'm heading out to walk the fuzz now.