This is what the Instragram App looks like.
The extent of my "techy-ness" is that I know you can pick up free Wi-Fi in the parking lot at the local Perkins Restaurant here in Sudbury ON. That being said... I am obsessed with the Instagram App on my iPhone4.

With this App I can take a regular picture (top left) and add a filter and turn it into a super awesome picture (top right). I am crazy about picture taking but this has taken me to a whole new level. I have a minor (and by minor I mean MAJOR obsession with a fellow-instagramar, but that is worth an entire post on its own, coming soon).

When I first downloaded the App I would take pictures my friends sent me and add cool filters to them and then send them back- they were really impressed ;) Then after uploading a few pictures onto Facebook someone commented that I should "follow them" What?? *jaw drop* let me just say it's been #instafun, and I am #instahooked for life (No it doesn't bother me that Facebook recently bought instagram - I am that #instaobsessed). 

Here are the top 5 things I love about instagram (in no particular order):
  1. It’s so easy to use 
  2. It makes me feel like a pro photography (no-offense real pros; respect) 
  3. Seeing other people’s pictures 
  4. Looking up various hashtags and hashtaging
  5. How warm one particular instagramar makes me feel inside re: my previously mentioned obsession 
Currently I have 301 photos, 50 followers, and I follow 34. My wife Lily doesn’t have instagram so she simply doesn’t “get it.” In fact – I get the odd eye roll now and again when she sees what I am looking at or when I ask her to look at a picture. But, in my defense, you have to experience instagram to really “get it” and once you do… you will be hooked!!! Maybe.

I probably spend way too much time scrolling through and double tapping pictures I like. And I, debatably, spend too much time posting pictures of my dog. Recently while walking at the beach my friend commented that she doesn't like to post too many of the "same" pictures of her dog. Something about people not wanting to see them over and over (she has theeeeee cutest dog so it really didn't make much sense to me). I left this conversation feeling quite distraught. And upon much reflection, this conversation inspired this blog post/study.

How much is too much of a good thing on instagram when it comes to our dogs? I decided to use a scientific approach to tackle this issue. Data collection was a breeze because I love instagram! Thank you carriegraham_ for letting me access your instadata and please note that carriegraham_ may or may not be the friend from the beach. Scientific fact: she does have a ridiculously cute pooch.

The null hypothesis for this study is:

Get over yourself and your dog, nobody wants to see any more pictures!

which is tested against the alternative hypothesis:

No, you absolutely cannot have too many pictures of your dog on instagram d’uh. I love pictures of my dog and everyone else should too!

. **** for the purpose of this study – a baseline of 50% or more was selected meaning that if 50% or more photos are of our dogs – that is too many. *** That is objective - I promise.

Here are my scientific charts to analyze the data.

According to carriegraham_’s instagram photo thread she has a total of 331 photos, however for the purpose of this study I used a total of 291 photos due to the fact that Henry, the ridiculously cute pooch, wasn't in the picture (BAM!) until 40 photos in. As you can see the majority of her photos are non Henry inclusive, in fact only 30% of her total photo volume consists of Henry! A surprising stat for sure. And as you can tell, there is a small percent (5) that carriegraham_ has that consists of photos taken of other dogs. It is important to note that there was a .5 photo value included in the Other Houds category for a bizarre picture she took outside the vet's office. Hanging from the rear view mirror of a car was some type of fuzzy tail. I gave that photo a .5 just in case it is the tail of a small, fox-like dog.

Now for mine. Given I am so #instaobsessed and dog obsessed I was very nervous for this project.

And what? Shocking results! I used a total of 301 photos for my section of the study and only 26% are of my dog.
And since both carriegraham_ and myself are below the set baseline of 50% or more it can be stated that carriegraham_ does not post too many pictures of ridiculously cute Henry ...  and that Raisin and I are also in the CLEAR!! In fact I recently received this text to support my results:
Therefore, my prediction was correct, and I reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative. In conclusion I will continue to post pictures of my dog and I hope that carriegraham_ does too. No, you absolutely cannot have too many pictures of your dog on instagram d’uh. I love pictures of my dog and everyone else should too!

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I want to end with a few of my favourite photos from a few of my really great friends:






  1. Bahahha! This is funny Jess!

  2. Justifying the frequency of posting Raisin pics with a scientific study eh? I like it!

  3. Post another! Enjoyed that one to the fullest!! Wonder why... :)

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