why would anyone move to Sudbury??


Why did I move to back to my home town: Sudbury Ontario? 

Sudbury Facts:
  • we are the largest city in Northern Ontario based on population
  • we are about 5 hours away from Toronto (I pee A LOT)
  • Albert SALTER (yesssss!) first discovered high mineral content in the ground but no one cared (and you probably don't either but he has my last name so it seemed noteworthy)
  • we have over 300 lakes within city limits
  • you can wear rubber boots or Sorels (depending on the season) anywhere and it will go unnoticed (yes this is a good thing!)
  • the city launched a re-greening project in the 70's and it's been getting greener since
  • all my friends here are amazing
  • I can go to this beach every day:

But there is more, check this out: 

It was a typical Friday morning, 8:30am. I was heading to the Bulk Barn to pick up snacks to bring to my friends cottage in the Muskokas. I pulled up next to a KIA Soul, that's what I drive so I always park next to one when I can -yes my life is very exciting!! Besides that entertaining move turned out to be, pretty much, theeeee best move I have EVER made.

I got out and honked my horn with my keys and then the Soul next to mine honked, and honked again and once more and then the hazard lights came on and what?? 

There was A MONKEY IN THE KIA SOUL! Honking and turning the hazards on - to get my attention? Of course! hehe.

This is Chiquita - the 11 month old Japanese Snow Monkey:

This is Chiquita with her owner John Cameron and myself: 

Five months ago John and his wife rescued Chiquita from a life of harmful research. She has an IQ of 90 – I have no idea how that is measured – which is funny because I measure IQ for a living. But I do know that that seems high for a baby monkey! Like a “normal” adult has that IQ! She is so adorable. The second he opened the car door she jumped into his arms to snuggle. And she is surprisingly - not soft - I thought she would feel like angora but I'm pretty sure she feels more like a dirty llama (see below). 

She wears a diaper which had me thinking cute/weird/cute/weird/cute/weird then I settled on cute (and practical). She was an absolute pleasure to meet.  Adult female Japanese Monkeys average 19 pounds – John didn’t tell me that, I looked it up because I thought you would want to know.

So before 9 am rolled around I had met my first monkey and thought "This is why I moved to Sudbury."
Overall the only down side to meeting Chiquita was having that one annoying line "haven't you always wanted a monkey" from a Bare Naked Ladies song stuck in my head: totally worth it.

PS. This is how I know Chiquita felt more like a dirty llama:

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