"A woman is helpless 'til her nail polish dries"


Okay once again I was MIA. Here’s hoping consistency is over rated. I am really busy with my new job (which I love!) and, well, I am also busy with a new found obsession. No offence Bub – I still love you darlin’! (Did you know that Bub was recently on Good Morning America? She’s so rad.)

So aside from work what keeps me busy you ask? Polish, I answer. I am officially (so it’s a big deal) obsessed with painting nails! It all started with seeing my friend’s daughter's nails coated with the most mesmerizing gold I had ever seen! They were unreal. I loved them. In fact, I am loving them again right now as I type just thinking about them…. I want(ed) them. It was bad.

But thankfully, it turns out they are merely metallic stickers purchased from Sephora. Yea! Stickers you put on your nails that look wicked awesome! Where's that EASY button....

Here’s a picture of them: (It's not the best quality but it's the only one I have. You will just have to trust me on their absolute greatness.)

Photo, Hand, Nails and Inspiration Courtesy of Kennidy King
Sadly, I never found those particular stickers. And trust me I searched! So I let it go…ish.

Then my best friend (yes, I am in my thirties, and no, I do not think I am too old to say best friend) gave me some nail stickers for Christmas last year. FUN! I would put one sticker on each ring finger and then paint the rest of my nails. And that was the beginning of something wonderful. Somewhere in between searching for super-desirable-divalicious-metallic-gold-goodness stickers and buying various polish colours to 'go with' my new stickers … I discovered the world of nail polish and nail art! BAM! IT HIT ME HARD! And well, I will be the first to admit – I am a nailpolish-aholic. I even think that has a nice ring to it.

Because my lungs are pretty useless in general, I was a tad concerned about the toxicity of polish. Don't worry this isn't going to lead to another scientific study. But did you know that in 2006 OPI removed most of the badness from their polish – including formaldehyde?? Hi5’s to OPI! And since then most, if not all major brands followed suit.  In fact there is even one brand (that I know of) that sells enriched polish. Dr. Remedy. You can look them up for more information but off the top of my head the polish has at least Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil added and of course the toxins are not in it. I have two bottles of Dr. Remedy and they are pretty good. They don’t have the best consistency for my nails but they work and if you are a bit more mindful of such things – these may become your new go to polish.

Painting nails brings me joy. And there is so much out there! I follow nail art on Instagram, a hashtag here, a giveaway there and sometimes there is some funny-not-funny Insta-drama in the nail community – I try to stay out of it.  If you ever look into it – you will see that some people take this all very seriously, as they should.  I’ve You-Tubed videos and even recently purchased nail art supplies on E-Bay. No Shame.

So today I decided to post mini tutorial about one of the fun/popular ways to polish nails. It’s called Ombre or Gradient Nails and it’s very fast, easy and I always have people ask me how I do it. Always. (I think maybe someone asked once….? :/ either way – you should try it!)

What you need:
2-3 different colours of polish
Base/top coat if you want (I always do)
A sponge ~ it seems as though most people use makeup sponges but I used a regular sponge today because I don’t have any makeup sponges

Here’s my step by step photo:

It reads -  Top: left to right
                Bottom: left to right.
  1. Start with a clear basecoat, then add one coat of the lightest colour of the three picked. This isn't necessary but I picked a very light colour and wanted to be sure it would show up. Let dry.
  2. Paint the 3 colours you picked on the sponge. I put on about three coats of each to make those lines.
  3. Dab the sponge onto the nails. Right away you’ll see the colours. Dab a few times until the colours are where/how you want them. As you can see this gets pretty messy around your figure. You can put scotch tape around your nail for easy clean up but I don’t usually bother. Re-coat the sponge and repeat for a second coat (I did not wait for the first coat to dry) on all of your nails, usually adding more polish to the sponge every second nail or so. I’ve only done this 3 times, including today, so there may be other was that work better.
  4. And finally I clean up with a Q-Tip and nail polish remover and add a top coat. Voila! 
It’s fast and it’s great if you are messy at applying polish – this technique is fool proof and I think it looks good with both long and short nails! 
Thanks for reading! 
Let me know if you try it.

 Here are some of the other fun things I’ve done with nails over the past few months. 
I hope you enjoy them.