A Dr. by any other name would smell as sweet...


I was warned.... 
Someone once told me that in order to have a blog the first thing you need to do is decide what you want to blog about and who you anticipate your audience to be. Of course, I just presumed that enough funny things happen to ME that I'd have no problem maintaining a blog. Man was I way off. I  logged in today with the intention of deleting this - I mean really - who cares. But here a I am, longing to write so I guess today is not the day. So hopefully I can narrow down some type of reason/theme for this space but in the mean time I have a delicious camping treat recipe to share:

*this just happened*
Me: "Do you think I could write a blog about my health? Like would people like it? Or would it be to boring?
The Wife: "Yes I think you can and I think it would be funny because it's you writing it"
Me: "But do you think I have enough to say or do you think I'm too healthy now?" 
The Wife: *insert most ridiculous looking sad/shocked/trying not to laugh/funny face here*

okay-welcome to my blog "big heart in a small town" 
*extends hand for a shake* and mutters "don't worry heart failure's not contagious"

You asked for it (but not really) so here it is. My world living as a person with a disability (and I have the placard to prove it).  My friends probably assumed that this is what my blog would be about - I guess they know me better than myself. And don't worry - just because this will be the core theme of the blog doesn't mean I won't post the recipe for those above mentioned camping treats in the near future.  People with heart failure can still bake you know, usually...

Last week I went to go see my good ol'local Infectious Disease Specialist. Ugh -what a name?!?! Right?! Just writing the appointment down made me cringe.  
But as it turns out he wasn't "gross" at all. He was actually very nice. Something that I have grown to really appreciate in doctors.

So because my heart is so big it puts pressure on my lungs and creates what is called secondary pulmonary hypertension - booooring jargon - basically my lungs suck and I get chronic lung infections. Actually, surprisingly, even though it's my heart that's the problem - it's my lungs that cause me the most grief. I get these brutal lung infections and they make me really sick. The only way to get rid of them is to take a strong dose of antibiotics. I've even had the pneumonia shot! I had never heard of it either, probably because it's usually reserved for older adults, like 70+ (But hey - I always say I'm 87 on the inside). So this is why was  referred to the gross doctor. And here is what he decided: I am to take a weekly dose of antibiotics for the next four months. Is this real life?

Actually my massage therapist, whom I adore, suggested a drink hydrogen peroxide.... But I think I'll try the pharmaceuticals first. 

The pharmacist told me to take all four pills at once, once a week. The Dr. told me to take one pill, at four different times throughout the day, once a week. So I decided to meet them in the middle, how empowering. Thursday I took half of the dose, so two pills at once... Lesson learned. I will be listening to my Dr. from now on as I was so so so so sick. Honestly, I am always in the one percent of people who experience that random side effect. 

So today I broke it up and took one this morning. It's already upsetting my stomach. This is going to be a long day. 

But if this new treatment works, it will be worth it. I get so sick all of the time. I've missed every Halloween for the past 5 years because I was sick or in the hospital. Here's hoping this year is a different story. 

My hope in a bottle:

Sidebar: Something that made my day recently. My new hairstylist suggested that maybe I don't have any grey hairs because I am so healthy. Hehe. 

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