people with heart failure can still bake you know...


With the long weekend coming up I figured it would be a good time to post a really fun, and super simple camping recipe for you to try. Actually this is long overdue. Close to a year I think. A while back I wrote "People with heart failure can still bake you know, usually...." And encouraged you to stay tuned for this recipe. With all the time that passed you MUST have thought: well clearly they can't bake, nice try Jess. Well you were wrong.  So please let me take this opportunity to show you that I am a woman of my words, and that I can indeed bake. Here is that delicious 'Chocolate Orange Cake' camping recipe I promised to post oh so long ago. I'm sure the anticipation was killing you. I am elated to breathe life into you again....

I mean really, 'orange' you looking for a great camping recipe for your camping trip this weekend? I knew it. This recipe is fun and easy for the entire family to make. The orange becomes both the oven and the bowl! Some of you know that one thing I am a fan of is versatility - mmmhmmm (a little Stella & Dot plug here, my side job for those who don't know).

And what I really like about this snack is you can prepare a lot of it in advance.

Here is what you need:

one box of cake mix. I prefer chocolate because, even though I've never had one, I think I would really enjoy whacking and unwrapping one of those orange shaped balls of chocolate. I used a cake mix that requires oil, egg and water but you can use any cake mix you like. This was my choice because it was on sale.
aluminium foil
2-4 oranges - which is one per person so I guess if you're popular you may want more. I've only ever had to bring two - woe-is-me...
frosting or icing sugar, optional
a beautiful, mainly flat campsite, with a small section of shade, preferably water front

Follow the instructions for the cake mix and pour it into some tupperware. That's what you can prepare in advance and bring with you :)

If you don't mind getting all sticky with oranges while camping then don't prep them in advance and bring them with you to take apart at your site. If you don't want to get all orangie and sticky, you can always prepare the oranges in advance too, or maybe you should just consider Glamping instead. (Seriously though, I kind of really want to go Glamping. Don't tell anyone)

Cut the top off the orange, set it aside for later, scoop the guts out and eat them - no point in wasting it. (Sometimes I add a little orange juice to the pre-made cake mix, for no reason except that I think I'm special. I don't know if it actually makes it taste much orange-ier.) Try to gut it without splitting the peel; it's tricky, but it's not rocket science (or is it? I'm not too clear on what rocket scientists actually do). Anyway, I have faith in you.

Once you have your nifty little orange bowls, fill each one up a little past halfway with the cake mix.

Put the top of the orange back in place and wrap the entire orange up in aluminium foil. Place the oranges in the coals of the campfire for about 20 minutes.

Be careful taking it out! It's HOT. I let them cool in the foil away from the heat for several minutes. Mainly to cool them off a little so they can be handled and eaten but also because I think it may help the cake set. Once slightly cooled you can add your favourite frosting or icing sugar, or any other topper you may want.

You'll soon discover that not only does the cake bake right inside the oranges, it is also incredibly moist (yep I said moist - I'm never too sure how I feel about that word).

Delicious! Who needs "Glamping" after all. I take back what I said earlier. (But I am still a woman of my words, I think)


  1. Seriously?! I will totally try this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that you're wearing s&d camping!
    My kind of gal <3.


    1. Haha, you know it!
      Good luck trying these camping cakes. xo

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  4. This is freaking brilliant! A must for my next camping adventure, thanks for posting! Aaaaand I have successfully stayed up past my bedtime reading your blog yet again, thanks Jessie !