the way life should be


Today I want to share with you a really easy and "fun" project I did over the winter. I put the word fun in quotes because, well it's subjective. I mean, I am at home having so much "fun" labelling and meanwhile someone else is probably out having so much "fun".... okay so I googled 'fun things to do in London ON' and it looks like someone else is probably out having so much "fun" staying at the local Days Inn... hmmmm so I may not live in the funnest city, or it could be that I suck at googling things in general, BUT for the sake of the post...

Meanwhile, I am at home having so much "fun" labelling, while someone else is out having so much "fun" ski touring at Thunder Meadows in Fernie BC.

Yes, my friends actually do this! That is them in the photo! Definitely not heart healthy for me. Maybe I will head to Fernie next summer to float down the river in a tube, that's probably more my style. Honestly people - in hindsight - bucket lists make a lot of sense. In my experience, you should try to cross off as many items as you can before you turn, say 28 or so.

It's not unlike me to become easily excited, or easily obsessed with things. In fact, it is so much not unlike me that it is actually diagnosable! I know, pat on the back. To keep things nice and personal I would  like to note that a psychiatrist who I worked with in the past gave me the Diagnostic Impression of Axis II Obsessive Compulsive Personality Traits. Hey - Is it my fault I get obsessively worried about the door being locked? Safety first. If you haven't seen the Sh*t Girls Say video - please do. She is me. Except she has better hair. I would also like to note that another part of my Diagnostic Impression included Axis III Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, Pulmonary Hypertension, post-operative pain. So yea, I needed to see a shrink at one point. Not that I want to increase the stigma surrounding Mental Illness, although I believe I just did by justifying having to seek help in the first place. Darn. Well, I truly think everyone should see a counsellor. Even if you're not "Crazy." Seriously, though, your mental health is very important. And having worked for the Canadian Mental Health Association for a while, I picked up a few things. Here is another great (but not as funny) link for you: I matter

I'd like to introduce you to one of my new favourite DIY, make things pretty, obsessions: Washi Tape!!
I am not sure if it is a brand name, or a proper noun but I am sure that it deserves capital letters.

It's paper tape, and I think it originated in Japan. It is super over-priced at Michaels, but (thankfully) we have a Target here - a REAL Target (oh I guess London does have some fun things to do after all)! You can also order it online; I saw some very cute patterns for sale on Etsy.

We moved into a place with a very VERY small galley style kitchen. So I decided to find a more compact way to store my spices. After doing a little research I decided to store them magnetically on the side of my fridge.

All you need:

- a very small kitchen (okay maybe not)
- a fridge
- magnetic spice containers
- a sharpie
- Washi Tape (yeehaw)
- scissors - but you can rip the Washi Tape too,  it's that awesome

I found it easier to cut the tape, stick it on something flat, write the name of the spice, then put it on the container. Once it is labelled just add the spice to it. Voila! The containers I found are great because they have two types of openings to choose from, just by spinning the lid, and of course you can simply take the lid off if you need a larger amount of spice.

And here is the best part, I placed them in alphabetical order on the side of my fridge. This was a delayed decision that happened after about two weeks of struggling with finding the spice I needed in the moment. The alphabetical system has really helped. The magnetic containers I bought were President's Choice brand and they were $2 each. I have been using them frequently for 5 months now and they still all work well - the lids, the magnets, spices are fresh etc....

So here is the final project nicely organized, colourful and easily accessible. The way life should be. 


  1. I'm scared to by washi tape in fear of putting in on everything!

    1. Hmmmmm.... Sounds like quite the dilemma, but at least it's a colourful dilemma. :)
      I say get it. And embrace it.