is it just me, or did the earth just lose 30% of its oxygen? oh right, it's my lung infection


First off, thanks so much to everyone who gave me lots of love for my Wurm toques. I cannot wait to get them all delivered, and I will have pictures to follow. And if you want any customized work, please let me know. I plan on having an online shop up and running by the end of October. That's good news!

This is going to be a short post because, as some of you may know (if you follow my Facebook or Twitter or we are more than than just virtual friends), I have been quite sick lately. That's right, the infamous lung infections are back. I'm not sure if it's the change in season, my restrictive cardio myopathy, my pulmonary hypertension and lung fibrosis, my weak immune system... or what, but this last bout has been b.r.u.t.a.l. 

I saw my family doctor a few weeks ago after I was up all night with shortness of breath and fever along with fluid in my lungs and pain every time I breathed in. That morning I was able to get in to see her, and I was diagnosed with a lung infection. It was so bad I actually had to sleep in our lazy boy recliner for two nights so I could breathe. I was given a prescription for ten days and decided to go to my hometown to be with my mom so I could rest and recuperate. See why?

My wife and I have a week long trip planned for Thanksgiving, and I did not want this illness to interfere. You see, the thing with me and lung infections is that they can leave me feeling extremely unwell and exhausted for weeks and weeks even after the fluid/infection is out of my lungs. I think the whole thing is just really hard on my body.

So I went away, finished my prescription, got lots of R&R, and then came back home with just over a week to spare before our planned Thanksgiving trip. WOOHOO!

But alas - my body ruined my plans again. Exactly 7 days after the first round of antibiotics were done I woke up with all of the same symptoms. Buuuuurn! Luckily my family doctor was able to see me immediately. And it was confirmed: my lung infection was back/never really healed. So I am back on the ten days of treatment again. We leave soon for our trip. I will be about half way through the drugs on the day we are scheduled to leave and I really hope I have the energy to go on this trip. Considering I've been bed-ridden the past two days, I am not too sure. I am trying to stay positive though. And look at me...blogging! *pat pat* (that's on my own back - but not too hard because it hurts.)

After I am done this round, the doctor decided to put me back on the weekly dose of antibiotics as a preventative measure so that I don't continue to get chronic lung infections all year. I have a history of that. Here's the post about this unorthodox approach.  Even though they make me sick for an entire day, this recent lung infection (x2) has made me realize that being sick once a week is much better than this. I haven't been able to attend cardiac rehabilitation for weeks (which has really cramped my plan to get ripped) or do much of anything for that matter - except knit on good days, of course. So being out one day a week certainly outweighs the effects of these lung infections.

I discovered this really great blog and want to share with you a portion of one of Julia Serano's posts.   It made me laugh, which then made me cough, which caused pain, which kind of sucked, but I think her points are still worth sharing.

ways to pass the time while you have pneumonia:

  • sleep
  • eat, or not eat. (mostly the latter.)
  • fondly reminisce about oxygen
  • stop for a minute to catch my breath
  • recall how, as a young child, I thought that the medical condition pneumonia and the chemical ammonia were somehow related
  • come to appreciate the shorter, shallow breaths, because that's all the world is offering my now
  • fondly reminisce about deep breaths

I also found scans of my lungs in my medical files so I thought I'd share them with you. I have no idea what they mean or if they're even related to these infections, but it's so textbook-ie I like it.  Enjoy: 

Anyway my friends - please wish me luck for my upcoming trip. :)


  1. Get well soon Jessie! Thinking of you... xo

    PS Way to post through all this : ) *pats gently on back*

    1. hehe thank you and thank you for the gentle pat :-)

  2. Get well soon my dear, that does not sou d pleasant. But! Happy knitting :)

  3. Great post! Your lung infection scan pics made me feel weird because I can see the shape of your pelvis and it looks like ......