wanna make a trade?


Well in my last post about my big heart, I explained how sick I was. I still haven't quite recovered from that, but today I want to share some cool art. The fact is that I have some really amazing people in my life and I am so thankful for that. In this new city, it is hard for me to make, well more specifically, maintain new friendships, because I often (pretty much always) end up cancelling my plans when I am not feeling well. I'm going to keep trying but I can tell that it is an uphill journey.

I get it - in the past I probably wouldn't want to begin a friendship with someone who always canceled. Even if they explain that it's because they are sick. I mean, how can you get to know someone?

So yes, not only am I super lucky to have some pre-existing great friends, some of these friends hook me up with really cool stuff. Bonus!

I wasn't able to make my planned trip for Thanksgiving this year to Alberta. That was devastating. Really.  BUT my amazing friends sent me this thoughtful card with an extremely generous gift card in it and some really kind words. It made me cry, obviously. So thank you all for that and I will do a more formal 'Facebook thank you' once we use the gift card.

One of my super-awesome-amazing-I-will-love-you-forever friends sent me a kick-ass care-package while I was sick! Check this out:
Pringles. chili chocolate, Muskoka coffee, snack bars, roasted almonds, tea and So Nice Barista Blend Beverage (So good!) and notice those sweet prints?!
Now there are a lot of goodies there, but I want to talk to you about the two prints. My friend and I did a trade. So I knit her a pair of slippers and she traded me some amazing prints from a local artist in Ottawa.
The slippers look a little squished in the picture but that's because they are so super soft and comfortable. And in exchange I got these:

That's right, the cat is eating a sandwich and that mountain goat is holding a pair of glasses. It makes so much sense. These are from the artist's Animal Heads Series. This is the artist's website.


The pictures of the prints look much better on her site, which is good because she is the pro. Check it out! Buy stuff if you can.

I have always really liked collage art. I used to make a lot of collages during my undergrad and at the beginning of this year I decided to make some more. I was inspired. I even bought a book called: The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman. I haven't really looked at is yet though. You see, I was inspired, but then my brother told me that he recently threw out a collage that I made him. Some bizarre image of a woman smoking a cigarette on an unexpected background. He owned it for probably ten years and confessed that it didn't really "go" with his new place and after a few beers further confessed that he felt obligated to keep it. Oooooops. Meanwhile his girlfriend always thought it was something he was hanging on to from an Ex. She was relieved to hear it was from me (and likely relieved that he finally go rid of it). In that moment I decided never to collage FOR someone again.

So maybe I'll get back into it sometime but for right now, I am keen on knitting. Here is my current gallery. It's almost up to date and I am working on getting my online store up and running.

Wanna make a trade?


  1. I've got bike parts I can trade :)

  2. hey i love art period i want to make a trade, my dad is a collage artist and i just asked him for 4 or 5 of his collage greeting cards that he can give me and i can send to you for like a torque maybe? or any knitted item you think i would like. it's me Stephanie again a fellow disabled lesbian i am getting close to launching my blog i emailed you some questions i have let me know if we can trade. i love this blog, I will include you in my prayers hang in there you will be fine i'm sure of it. 11-9-2013 8:32 pm

  3. Michelle (Oosterhuis) is an excellent collage--er. Actaually she called it "Deco-page" however you spell / say it! Is there a difference?! I say- keep making that shit FOR people. You appreciate it, and hopefully the people you make them FOR do as well... if not, their loss. I'd be PROUD of anything my siblings made for me. Minus six gold stars for brother, and an additional 2 for admissions via beer.